Friday, March 2, 2012

Sumpah Allergic!

Brain drowning :

After a week fighting with my own feelings, today is the peak itself...I just feel not right, feel so sick... my energy drop down to drain hole. How hard I'm pushing myself up to the sky, thank God I'm falling safely to the earth. With helps of my 'Charlie Angels'. What a week ha babes? Harsh enough to handle psychotic like this. Memang sumpah Allergic! But my magnet towards this species are unbelievable.

It's like 'soHarianMetro' drama that been through for past week. How we have to handle things carefully not to make any grudge to anyone. As we are berdepan dengan psiko yang memang patut diheret ke Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan. This person are beyond help. We'll keep low, until this particular half human start to harm people... our plan its ON! Becareful dear you will not like it at all. You making things too good to be true but well enough you get near to a wrong person. I'm sorry but I'm no more with you. I'll help you if you let me to. You, the only yourself can help your own journey. Wake up please. It's hurting seeing you like this.

I can't always be the 'white kala jengking' as you will never know when I'm turning to 'hot red kala jengking'. Seriously I don't it to happen. Please.

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