Thursday, September 18, 2014


Heart touched:

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian all across the world!
Especially to a big bro yang tgh jelajah Artik right now..Ntah dah sampai mana dah tu. Yg penting he will be back exactly on my big day! ;D

How did you celebrate your Malaysia Day?
Me? Started with an event that I have committed myself too. Ye lah, dah registered, dah pegi taklimat bgai...yang penting dah nawaitu awal2 lagi like weeks before..
Hari menjadi 'VOLUNTEER'...again! :D

The details you can refer to the previous entry. VVIP yang kami maksudkan di sini were 800 anak yatim yang dikumpulkan dr serata KL and Selangor. Wuuu sungguh ramai!

Tugasan khas: mendeco dewan makan dlm masa 2 jam! Which was sgt kebetulan ada a wedding been held at the same hall siang hari nya...homai....sbb tu we only have like 2 hours utk revamp from a wedding to fantasy land for the VVIPs.

And inilah hasilnya....heee...bertemakan Palestin colour as the main deco.

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