Monday, September 29, 2014

Start Your Engine..Vroomm

Brain documenting:

Nothing much to start the day with hikes up the adrenalin with a sport yang jarang2 orang nak pegi saje2 (okey exceptionable to org yg berkenaan yg like almost every week go for this -_-).

After resting for a while from The Bureau's last activity - Badminton, now we are back with extreme side of us - motor sport event for these IT geeks. And for this time, it fully fall under my responsibility - from the quotation, communication, finalizing the programme and the event up and running successfully for the day.

Go-Kart Challenge GSC IT 2014

Date : 27th September 2014
Time : 9.00 am - 1.00pm
Location : City Karting Shah Alam International Kart Circuit, Selangor

Being the committee, surely la I have to be early for the day kan...Rise and shine at 630am and straight up to the track. What a coincidence that our event held on the same day with The Sultan of Selangor's Cup 2014 - Selangor vs Singapore exactly dekat Stadium Melawati just beside the go kart circuit. Tak teringat langsung!

But MBSA dah bagi permission to the organizer to hold up the event for us, so makanya the whole circuit and the main road around the place has been closed by them specifically for us for a half day. 
Kalau tak dapat permission tu, mmg pengsan la to call back for the cancellation. Plus kalau ikutkan weather forecast, hujan spjg hari...haha..thanks to my Big Advisor yg tiba2 jadi my weather guy. Tapi...alhamdullilah, sebenarnya cerah sepanjang hari. Takleh pakai dia punya forecast ni. Huhu~

Started at 9.30 am with registration, signing off a special form for safety purposes, some taklimat for first timer. Everyone seems so excited.. ye la first time nk try kan, lg2 company byr and plus ramai yg declined the futsal tournament utk dtg yg ni. I is so terharu for your support guys..:')

After taklimat, time to burn the engine...hehe...practising and qualifying timeee...It just so fun bila tgk masing2 looks like mcm dpt a big toy to play around. ;P

Rupanya ada few yg mmg master driving the go kart. AMBOIII..dah mcm rempit dlm track tu kan...and the real race begin right after everyone dah familiarized with the kart and the track. But then we made it as endurance race for 60 minutes. Nak tengok lah brape byk laps u guys can do it kan..hehehe~  Perkiraan dia mcm ni as we do have like 4 main team:

Macam konsep lumba lari berganti2 lah lebih kurang..;D So either you can bare the vibration, the speed, the dizziness to complete how many laps that you can. Tuh yang mencabar tu sebab every movement detected by 'computerize timing system & result - SMS Timing Belgium' ...Makanya speed and completion of the lap come in package to make you the whole winner for the race.
Of course safety come first, helmet and disposable shower cap are provided for safety and hygiene purposes. Owh for who yang mmg a biker, you can always wear your own full face helmet for the race. Rasa more comfortable kot. Hihi~

Foods mmg we took in the package itself. So tak perlu susah2 cari catering luar, they will provide more than enough. A part of that, inflatable games pun ada for the kids sbb tau these IT geeks ni mmg family man semua. So happy time for the parents and also the kids kan..fair and square. ;D

We did had a good time!! ye la sbb tak pernah la nk jejak go kart circuit saje2 for non extreme sport guys right? Yet company giving the chance to experience this. Trophy dia pulak sgt cute. ;P Siap jerit next month buat lagi! Hahaha~ Amboi2 byk bajet korg kannnnn....sila tanya big boss dulu. I tukang organize je..huhu~
Personally, I felt so happy got to see the happy, satisfied made my event a big SUCCESS! YEAY!!

Btw, if you are interested to do like what we've been doing, you can always find for City Karting for a really good package and experience ;)

Pheww..Done with this by mean I got one last event to be handle towards the end of the year. Our Annual Makan & Mingle 2014!  - eh I bole tukar keje jd event management la camni..hihihi~ ;P

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