Friday, June 12, 2015

Drawing? Nah...Coloring? Yes!

Heart melting:

Ever since I met Kak Emila the other day, the urge towards arts is spilling around. Lagi-lagi bila the Colorart Books by Kak Emi has arrived last week and thanks to En.Hubby yang sangat alerted baca my tweet, he bought a new set of color pencils for me ;D

So nak dijadikan cerita, this mummy-to-be (I lettew...heee) started to do the coloring early in the morning, time break, time before tido...anytime yang rasa2 ada free skit. The kit( the colorart book, 2 sets of color pencils, sharpener) are always in my bag nowadays.;P Nampak tak gigih di situ? ngee~

My officemates even ramai yang tegur if they bypassed my place "uiks, pencil colors, meng'color' ke?" "Amboi ni betul nak anak pandai mengaler ni"..Pulak?? Hehe~ Can't blame them though as memang I je la ada hobby ntah pape kat office tu. Ada jugak yang adoring how I did my coloring and macam hari2 akan checked it out I dah habes color ke every single page. *blush. Huihh dek non...akak tak coloring all the time, keje azali kena jalan jugak ni Huhuhu~ Buat masa sekarang baru 2 page je yang dah siap. We'll see up until I nak deliver nanti, berapa page yang akan complete menjadi berwarna-warni. InsyaAllah, I will frame each of it as a gratitude to my talented sis, Kak Emi (all the cute and beautiful illustration came from her, I tukang color je..)

Oyez!Books the publisher of these Colourart By Emila Yusof even up for a colourart contest!! Shall I take part of it? Plus the contest still up and running till this 29th June 2015.

Winner will receive RM100 worth of book vouchers from Oyez!Books, one complete set of all Colourart books, and a beautiful hand-drawn tote bag by Emila Yusof.

Macam menarik kannnnn?? ;D - memang lagi gigih la Ibu 'A.M' will be doing her coloring ;P

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