Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Am An 'IBU'

Heart blessed: 

It has been almost a month I become a new mummy- Welcoming myself to the crony of motherhood! Sorry tak update soon as I can. Adapting with a new routine it is such a big challenge. Semua benda pun macam terkejut2, memang terasa noob habes. How prepare yourself in theory but believe me bila tiba saat realitinya, you gonna be totally blank!! Ting tong dibuatnya. Tiba-tiba okey! Haha~ Yet, if you keep calm, everything will fall on it place by its own cuma perlu masa. Baby steps but keep on learning. Lagi2 if things happened in unexpected way.

Alhamdullilah, Allah S.W.T memudahkan kelahiran our lilkhalifah.
Born on 27th June 2015, bersamaan 10 Ramadhan 1436 Hijrah, 8.36 pm with the weight of 2.54 kg. Itulah dia lil princess kami. :') - Audrey Marissa Binti Mohd Hasif (nama yang membawa makna Strong and Noble Mariam).

Fresh from mummy's belly
Ikutkan kalau kira-kira by days, she was born by 38 weeks and currently on the day I'm typing this entry, lil Audrey dah 26 days breathing the same air like us. Alhamdullilah, she stay healthy and chubbier by days.

Having her by my side 24/7, watching her sleeping's totally a new experience that I need to catch up fast enough. A life who before this living in my belly for 9 months plus, now in my arms to be tender with care and love. Lots of love. My dream has come true, even with a big challenge, Ins sha Allah, I can do this as this is what I'm wishing for all this time kan - having a lil angel, a gift from HIM. SubhanAllah.

In next entry I shall share the experience of delivering her okey.
Alhamdullillah dikurniakan rezeki bersalin normal - which the journey I had shared it verbally with some friends and cousins as mostly of them need to undergo the C-Sec. I shall share it here too as for my own reference for the upcoming future perhaps. ;)

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