Thursday, July 30, 2015

Born to be Newborn Photographer

Brain happily:

Yesterday held a session newborn photoshoot untuk si kecik ni. It has been planned a while. Dah lama browsed through this one photographer even siap2 bookmarked her IG for a keepsake if I really gonna have her as my baby newborn photographer. Orang kata like falling in love at the first sight la bila tengok hasil kerja this sister.

Rasa2, most people familiar pun with this name : Camora Arts. Kalau rajin tengok IG dia, it's like satu ketenangan seeing how beautiful all the babies been photographed in a creative way. Fasha Sandha, Memey & Norman Hakim, Safee Salleh, Nurul pun guna khidmat dia for their newborn baby.

Sepatutnya the session fall a day before yesteday but then lil Audrey macam memerap skit to me. Agaknya badan tak sedap sangat as she just done her first injection on Monday. So I mintak tunda a day to make sure she dah sihat betul2 before the photoshoot. Tak best la if the baby cranky while people snapping her picture kan.

The team arrived awal jugak as promised. Bila Kak Zara unloaded barang2 dia dari kereta, homaii banyaknya props and all of it cantik2. And bila borak2 ngan Kak Zara, all the props are handmade. Buat sendiri okey. No wonder all her pictures seems different dari the other newborn photographer. Well I am totally making the right decision of choosing her! Hee..
Alhamdullilah during the photoshoot, lil Audrey sangatlah compromising with Kak Zara. Even senyum2 bila disnap pic. Amboi anak Ibu, boleh tahan photogediks ye.. Hehe~ The session was good, Kak Zara sangat sporting and friendly.

Just can't wait for the result. For sure la comel2 belaka. ;))

Now I have new hobby of browsing all sorts of newborn photography local or internationally. Comel sangat!! Hee~ Wish if I can snap those pictures as beautiful they are.

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