Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Emo Jugak!

Heart thumping really bad:

Today hari Rabu…weee..feel much2 better walaupun ada sedikit gangguan jiwa di situ kerana “PROMISES MEANT TO BE BROKEN”..huh~ tapi abaikan….I’d started my day with putting on my stereo kekuat kat rumah and dance di subuh hari (of course dah solat subuh baru buat pangai camni..huhu) ;P

Tapi……di kala ptgnyer....

Tiba2 Kak Yam datang kat cubicle dgn kelam kabutnye…told a story about her nephew, Saqib yang disamun pagi td… whom this guy is a friend to me and my dear GF; Awin.. Gosh…He had been attacked 5 guys masa on the way pegi office. What??? The auntie kept on saying he has black belt in Taekwando…but still..attacked by many guys at the same time during panic…anything can happen right. Really hope that he is ok..gonna text Kak Yam later at night to ask how he was…Buat org risau je… Saqib2…
Ahahah…how story spread so fast…people in Head Office already started to circulate this incident to all the staff and here are some details that I got from a friend.

This morning before 7.00 am, Mohd Saqib Mohd Sani (Service Desk Infra) staff was attacked by 5 guys on the staircase near the School across the road.

He was boxed by one of the guys till his spectacles dropped (he could not find his spectacles after that incident).

Saqib fight back and he fell down and the 5 guys attacked him (boxed and kicked him).

Passers by saw the incident, but nobody came to help. Lucky for him, one motorbike passed-by and the motorbike guy chassed the 5 guys away and Saqib managed to escape.

Saqib's pants was torned. But lucky for him the 5 guys did not bring any weapon. Also lucky for Saqib, the 5 guys did not looked into the bag Saqib was carrying - Saqib bring one knife for his use in the office. If the guys found the knife, don't know what will happen to Saqib.

Becareful dear friends, when you take the LRT. Do not use the bridge to cross the road.

Just be extra careful dear….and don’t be alone...and to most typical Malaysian please be more helpful instead of enjoying looking at the scene with doing nothing. 

p/s: Edited Version of  Cerita Akif & Saqib....

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