Thursday, July 28, 2011

OST Best & Condese Heart.....

Heart stop to feel :

Sejak bila I layan lagu soundtrack tu? Its been a while…movie dia pun xabes tgk lagi.. Huuu tp mmg best..

Lagu2 dia jenuh nk cr translation okeh…En.Senyum please do ur translation pleassseee…Korea tu kan tanah air u no 2. ;p Dari citer ni , now he dah perasan to be like this guy plk…”Lee Seung Gi”

Smlm dah dgn Chicharito a.k.a…I shortformed kan jd ‘Cicak’..-senang sikit nk sebut..huhuh..
Nanti I letak comparison kiri kanan k En.Senyum..

One of the song that become my fav.

Tp hari yg dimulai dgn gelak tawa…walaupun ada sdkit kerisauan… With one call…everything changed. It just feels numb to hear all sorts of excuses and stories after you avoiding me. I’d tried my best yet my existing just make you more stuck. I’ll remain silent for some times to wash out all sort stupid feeling that condense my heart.

Till then.  My head start spinning around.

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