Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NAGA Rise Again?

Brain dictating :

Dah ku benamkan 'naga' sorang ni for quite sometimes now ada yang nak buat 'special appearance' for him plak. Ke yourself sendiri ni ha ZZ? 

It's been a while we don't associate with this particular person again now you nak rise up again? For what? I thought there is a movie Batman The Dark Knight Rises je..now the Dragon Darkbatman nak rise up jugak ke? Owh my...can't you just STOP? Bulan2 puasa ni bawak2 kunci sikit bicara tu, kunci hati yang asik nak jaja citer tak baik pasal orang.

Random emails been flooding my inbox eventhough my email tu penuh notification FB je but still there are some suspicious email address yang suka interfered tanpa diundang. Gosh what is this? For first two emails I can tolerate with it though but when came the 3rd one, this surely came from a human being which I think try to be smart enough of mentioning Dragon Darkbatman (which there only specific people knows who's this title belong to) as a starting point. Huh, funny! Agak2 la nak tamak sangat nak combine kan antara spesis mitos and adiwira name. I gelar you satu je pun. Tamak tul! Instead of feeling pissed off, I was laughing my heart out. Aduhai la wahai anonymous...I sendiri tak tau apa motif you...Kalau nak bergurau pun, gurau kasar sangat okeh tu. 
Btw, all those emails already been archived and been referred to my beloved LAWYER sis to hold to it. Wanna play some more? I shall not entertain you with your provocation. Kesian tau you ni. Must be macam meroyan kan sebab asik cari orang2 yang agresif  yang rela hati dissappeared from you.

As what a sis said yang mana juga menjadi mangsa gangguan "kenapalah kita ni tak pernah tamat pasal hal yang tak bijak ni?" Memang sangat tak bijak kak. Takde keje gamaknya. Haih....takpelah sempena bulan puasa bulan mulia ni instead of we take some actions on it, we just pray for you to change and sedar! (Even dah tau you tu beyond help).

Guess you gonna read this too right. Maybe it might not be you but your well trained stalker will be your most loyal slave to report this to you kan kan kan...;D

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