Monday, May 19, 2014

Heartache :'(

Heart aching:

How to say this?
If you don't love, why heartache? If you don't care, why headache?
YES! I do love I do care.

*cliche when I am feeling such way, my playlist stop at a song titled 'Bila Tiba' by Ungu. :"( May I cry right now?
Get a grip Enny, ever when jadi Ratu Air Mata ni? I don't care, I've been holding this for quite a time till it MADE ME NUMB!!

A day that I lost a friend, team mate, gaduh-mate - hope you will be happy at new place bro and soon to be official married.

A day when a GF have a big shock...when her Abah passed away bila kalanya he supposed to be discharge today. Tapi...Allah swt lebih menyayanginya. Innalillahilarojiun' Moga Allah merahmatinya di samping orang2 yang beriman.
Teringat how she hold back the tears, she even said she still standing strong as the dad is still showing he is strong..tapi hakikatnya... :(

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