Sunday, May 4, 2014

KL Xtra Car Free Morning - 5th Edition

Heart racing:

It is truly berturut2 I was cycling with Mak Abah...semalam kat FRIM and today, here we back for the 5th Edition KL Car Free Morning!!!
And specialnya today, we cycled together with our own Prime Minister...;D
Nampak Abg Wazari jugak, idola En.Tunang in photography world...tapi xdan la nak dijeritkan pun. ;P

Guess what? We were in TV! Haish camne bole selit jugak la ni..hahaha~ Snapshot waktu berita tghri and berita nasional waktu malam from RTM...;p According to the news, there were more than 10,000 participants for the day. Woww...tak realized pun seramai tu.. Yeah, we go green! Soon...insyaAllah..

There you go...our Prime Minister yang berjaya buat satu round. US? kitaorg dah layan 3 round, last pit stop...nasi lemak Kg.Baru...miahahahha ;P (sebab mmg parking kat situ...)

Pic from PM's official FB

And seperti biasa..mak abah pasti ada interframed in Cycling Magazines for this time..hehehe

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