Saturday, June 21, 2014

When IT Play ;D

Brain updating:

GSC IT Annual Badminton Tournament 2014
Date: 21st June 2014
Venue: Pro One Badminton Centre, Wangsa Maju

It was our annual things as another part for The Bureau to crack their head. Well yeah life its not about work only right! So we need to PLAY too. Work life balance!! Huhuhu~
We had done our Paint Ball things last 3 months and doing this Badminton for now. We got another two event to rock on before we wrap up 2014 GSC IT activities. =)

The committee finalizing the registration
A part of the STAR for the day! 3 guys from this pic are from my own team. ;D
Foods! Hahaha that was sooo GSC..;p
The Blue Shark digging their hampers
With our patron and we ROCKS! yeayy 

Alhamdullilah it was a success!
Congratulation to Blue Shark, Red Mustang, Green Hornet and Black Panther (like school days ha...we do have our own house sport team :P)..
Hey Blacky we gonna pay back for next event okeh.. hehehe~  Btw you guys were AWESOME!

And yet when you became the one snapping the pic all the way, for sure you can't get a chance to inter frame here.  Credited to my Intern who came along for supporting us...we chamwore sendiri je la kan..Selfie satu please. Hehehe~
Girls for the day!

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