Monday, June 2, 2014

KL Xtra Car Free Morning - 6th Edition

Heart beating fast :

Again here we are!!  Last Sat dah cycled at FRIM, genap 20km before melantak nasi kerabu. Eh nasi kerabu kakak tu sedap okeh..;P only in FRIM. hehe~

Then malam tu....
we were in at one of my fav place to eat..again Cik Enny? It was for dinner la plus my baby bro yg nk go for a treat.

And yet bila perut sarat sgt for those dinner, the Sunday begin with this!! The 6th Edition..wuuu.. and the special part my lil Aisy was a part of us walaupun tgh2 cycled tu dia boleh lentok tdo. Angin sedap sgt kot..;P

And Abah tends to make us wearing the same tshirt...;D

Our last with KL edition sebelum berehat for the fasting month. Saat KL kosong masa raya nanti, for sure we gonna make the 'Raya Fun Ride' with our kroni2....perut dah sarat dgn ketupat lemang sume kan...Sila bakar balik..hihi..;P

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