Sunday, June 29, 2014

GSC Football Mania #OLA! #aTheme2Wear

Brain collecting:

Bila one of our hectic day dibombarded with GSC aThemeWear committee ideas!! If 2 months back, we were in Polkadots, AND now we are back with our own version of Football Mania!

Newsletter has been sent out few times weeks before, saje nak created some vibes ...lagipun sekarang tgh demam 'World Cup 2014' kannnn.
Rupanya the newsletter and those Instagram dedicated to our GSC BERJAYA buat masing2 excited pergi cari jersey. Hahaha~ Nampak tak semangat di situ?:P

Yes basically it was meanly for World Cup but then we taknk la bias sangat for not supporting our own football scene makanya it became an open concept, so if you nak pakai JDT ke, Selangor ke, Sarawak ke, MU ke, Chelsea ke...feel free to join the crowd.

As being a part of the committee (people hardly to know who exactly in the team which kitaorg ni bergerak ala2 undergorund skit -across all GSC Tower) :
- after few times of adhock meeting -owh mmg meeting terkejut tergempak, ikut mana dan
- discussion thru our Whatsapp group yang sampai ke tgh mlm...
- a day before of putting up all accessories and props for the photobooths
- on the day, our wordings runtuh -balloons lari ntah mana -naseb sempat betulkan in half an hour before everyone masuk office. Phewww!! Drama tau...-_-

The results :

TADA!!! - tgk pic dah la eh...hehehe~

Nothing can beat our excitements!! Spain VS German ;P

4 Towers with the Boss HR

Argentina, Spain, German, Holland and last tu apa eh? ahahahah~

Selfie tak selfie la kan...if our Tower Head pun join selfie!

Ratu2 selfie. hahahah~

Memang motifnya untuk berselfie sendiri ;P - sebab tu we created the Instagram account for this. You can search for it :
Cari2 and follow. Mana tau muka u guys mmg akan tertempek kat situ kan. As we do gonna search for the hashtag which has been promoted before  :#ProudToBeAGSCEmployee and repost to our account.
Might be there will be a special surprise for you ;D

Oopps! Btw, by doing this bukannya we tak kerja tau (dah nama pun hari Jumaat - haruslah berpekerjaan.. Ni curi2 masa je as it opened for the whole day.

Menjadikan I ni mmg kejenya ke hulu ke hilir all the time, these people when I bumped into them, you such a sweet la peeps! Thanks 9, 16 and guys mmg rocks!

Next! Stay tune.....

#atheme2wear #ProudToBeAGSCEmployee

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