Friday, July 11, 2014

Ambitious Much? Crazy Jawabnya...

Heart racing:

A 'friend' to be. Even it still new, but it does triggered the most silence part of me : my eagerness of being ambitious like heaven. It was once a upon time, I'd been the aggressive one yet when the time passed; I tends to slow the pace. Terfikir ntah apa yang dikejarkannya.

Yet, having 'the' friend, yeah a new friend : creating the awkwardness in the comfort silence. Having a different post doesn't make us having the 'gap' but we do have another 'gap' of our commitment to our significant other. Being with him, listening to him, seeing how he works, the stories he'd shared made me realized something. I lupa apa rasanya the feel of eagerness and hunger for new things. And he rose that again in me secara tak sengaja.

Bila fikir2 sbenarnya our background in childhood mcm sama, but then I sendiri yang doesn't have that much courage macam dia. Dia mmg kamikaze! Nature of the gender perhaps. Ke alasan semata?
Tapi lately ni buat neurons I connecting and stimulating non stop for this. Ye jujurnya I am ENVY with his courage and achievement - tapi envy in a good way la kan. He is a friend kan =).
Orang kata for you to be amazing person, you need to mingle with the amazing people. InsyaAllah akan melekat 'charm' tu ;D

Guess it's never late to regain the concious and strive for something that I into it whole the time, right?
1st step : Sambung Master! InsyaAllah after the 'Big Day', I'll start everything all over again with the best companion ever - Encik Suami.  

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