Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cerita Two Boys

Heart mumbling:

A rich boy
An average boy

Or should I put in reversely?

Either one of it make no matter. The existing of these two guys made the world move faster than it can be.World did go around don't we?

Cerita a rich boy basically like sgt fairy tale like in a story book. Classic!
Had a good looking features - capturing not a slightly look but people will look at him twice; admiring . Seriously confident within himself - undeniable as he know exactly he want to say. Ambitious - for this, you should see how he draw his own career path. Came from a well family background - (smile). Had a really impressive life flow, perfectionist - nothing can beat up his neat work and details about things around him. Can be a sweet talker at times.. head over heels!

Sound like a prince charming huh? But then this rich boy do have his own flaws...can't believe it? Hidup kan mmg bukan fairy tale sebenarnya..Reality check, it does going to be upside down. The darkside of him : he can be like super massive annoying yet people still look up for him. Kamikaze type yang tak peduli apa orang fikir but he was protecting by means. How bad he can be, how annoyed he will be...people still going to be by his side. Byk sgt kasih sayang indeed, yet the attitude is above the gratitude of kekurangan kasih sayang *sigh

Cerita an average boy. Typically I think lots of guys do  fall in this criteria perhaps.
Had a feature which make people wouldn't mind to look for so many times - orang kata sedap mata memandang. Actually kacak je jgk. Had a normal career path - kena paksa, guide to strive him to the optimum level (mencabar kesabaran jugak). Xsusah xsenang, mencukupi. Always have this kinda of insecurity in many terms (don't have to be so negative dear) but......he kinda slalu dilanda kesusahan yang hardly people to help or it just beyond help. Why? Muhasabah diri all I can say.

Made it spelled like nothing to be impress off right? Hold a sec. He do have his own charm, his care, his love and tenderness when he up to something, he is the prince. Such an open book when you got to know him personally. Trying hard to live the life with all he have.

Life isn't fair ha? A rich boy looks like have a bunch of guardian angels for him and the average boy have to fight by his own.
Who have said life is fair? Yang adil tu Yang Maha Kuasa je. Hukum DIA. =)
Apa yang kita suka tak semestinya baik untuk kita, yang we hardly accept tak semestinya xbaik untuk kita.
Mempersoalkannya? Itu kan lumrah manusia. Normal tapi berpijak pada bumi yang nyata k ;)

That were some indication from my lil sis di kala hening malam. Yang tiba2 muncul statement - '2 boys' which made my brain scattering out of nothing.

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