Saturday, July 5, 2014

You Close The Day with a Smile

Heart adoring:

It just simply made a nice closure for the day when I received this from a lil sis. She did posted it in FB too which she sent this screenshot to me. Hehe~ So sweet. =) You just too kind with those words lil mamarazi.

The story was; she did lost some important things(material)- knowing her kinda clumsy lil sis. hahaha~ and my bad was laughing at it for the first time reading it when she did buat 'jeritan batin' via Whatsapp to me. Drama Queen la you. :P
It just happened I was still in the office even though it almost 7pm. Yadayada~ Got some meeting to be standby with the Directors and migration for one of the big shot. Budak kecik sorg ni pun mmg pesen suka balik lambat jugak. Dedicated workers yaw. Hahaha~ But sudahnya she can't go back, therefore I was there for her. With a Kit Kat - sebab dah foresee that we gonna break our fast in the LRT though.

Jujurnya I know what she felt, but then I saje melawak all the way. Being me and she is like a lil sis to me; redho je la nth pe I merepek ngn dia thru the whatsapp all the way till she come to her sense again.
Yesterday was her day but we will never know when its OUR day. Just keep on helping people even we did not get any return out of it.
Reminiscing it again did make me smile still.

Remember, never belittle with the good deeds as small as it can be because HE does know.
Chin up will you my dear? There will no rainbow when there is no rain in the middle of sunshine.

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