Friday, November 7, 2014

Smart & Nerd #aTheme2Wear @ GSC Townhall

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Being Cik eh silap, nowadays dah jd Puan Enny :P will never stop from running a show. Kadang2 rasa mcm salah bidang je la hai. Hehe~ Mungkin hidden talent..mungkin, who knows right? I have events to be organize, handle, run, it. It will be dotted in my pack schedule nevertheless I'm juggling with my own workload and personal matters.

And this time, again..up and running for GSC events..tapi kali ni special sikit; as we had our own Annual Townhall and celebration for an award that we got from Adam Smith Awards Asia 2014 for Best Card Solution (jangan tanya I award apa tuh.. pi tanya HR okeh...I buat ikut instruction je. huhu)

We been working out for these for weeks. Dari the itinerary, ke E-backdrop yang direquest last minute, music arrangement, soft reminders to all GSC people, food testing and finalizing the rehearsal. Siap ada rehearsal tuh...hihi~ and the best part nya I rasa yg jadi major committee were the aTheme2wear committee even our slot just for like a half an hour - biasalah, kitaorg kan mmg havoc lebih. Hahaha~ Takpe la boss, dah alang2 kan...we can run the whole event for you ;) Momantai! ;P

Smart & Nerd @ GSC Townhall 2014
Date : 6th November 2014
Location : The Grand Ballroom of Premiera Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Early as 7.45am. all of us dah bertapa dah dekat Ballroom to make sure all setup its in the place. Me? Hari tu tugasan I jadi Music Coordinator...dari music introduction for our bubbly Emcees to music for runaway to the music for the lunch (nasib la I ni tak reti compose music sndri..huhu) And of course the whole committee need to be dress up accordingly to the theme la kan..:D Comel okey...sebab bosses pun sporting to dress up up to it.. -with their suspender, bow tie and nerdy speky. ;P

Jujurnya even dah buat rehearsal, seram sejuk jgk to make sure the event run ikut sequence, lagi2 we ada perubahan last minute. Mencabar jugak nk tgk the right cue bila masa music nk masuk semua. Karang kelaut je ha. Kitaorg buat party sndri je karang.. Rosak majlis! Hahaha~

But Alhamdullillah, it went through perfectly plus the guest tak jangka it will be a musical slot handled by the aTheme2wear committees. Dah elok2 most of it macam serious part, tiba2 keluar lagu Hindustan..Chammak Challo kau...ahahah~ that was for our Emcee punya gimmick. Memang pekerjaan kitaorg lah tu. Time to change the ambiance!!

Dah habes with the Townhall, our slot for aTheme2wear, celebration and speech dr our's makan time! Tapi I rasa dah mcm slot bergambor sesama sndri...yeah2 I tau, the ballroom setup were so cantik and masing2 dah dressup ikut theme kan.. Ok2, sila2... penuhkan memori smartphone masing2 ye..;D

With all the leader..gituuu~ ;)

A part of the committee yg mmg muka interprame saje ;P

With my big boss!!
Overall it was a successful event!! Kudos people...Seems like everyone happy with the event lagi2 masing2 perut dah kenyang kan..hikhik2.

So is there will be another event? We shall see okeh..;) See ya peeps...

#atheme2wear #ProudToBeAGSCEmployee

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