Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spell Out the CHANGE!

Brain do the talking:

Comfort zone? Move out from it? Changes? Expectation? Blablabla....usual thinker will have all those thoughts. Human rights? Hak bersuara, hak kami #eh tiba2 xmasuk topic!

Siapa yang suka 'PERUBAHAN' or nak kena 'BERUBAH' lagi2 untuk perkara yang harus 'DIUBAH'..(semua imbuhan kau nk pakai kan Puan Enny...rindu zaman debate BM lettew..huhu~)

For me the word of CHANGES will make me some goosebumps but most of the days, I'll change it to 'CABARAN' @ 'COBAAN' @ 'CEREKARAMA' - nih sbb setiap kali nk buat a lil bit of alteration in life, akan kluar la drama2 sinetron di sekeliling; mana yg nk dgr, mana yang nk sokong, atau mana yg keje dia tau nk kondem je (org mcm ni mmg nampak mcm kecik besar, kecik besar je -__-) but for now the biggest changes I have in life is CINTA! Wuuu, cheesy much. But yeah, that's the REALITY. ;')

From a childhood > singlehood > couplehood (ada ke??) > marriagehood > parenthood?????

Byk question marks kat situ kan..hee... Have to admit all my changes kinda rapid. Bus Rapid KL tu pun slow okeh. Am I ready for all this changes? With HIS willing, InsyaAllah. Doakan please...

Welcome the unexpected changes in life.
Learn to bend with grace and humility.
Grow through it all and never 
ever forget to take notice of the beauty changes can bring.


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