Wednesday, January 27, 2016

7th Month of Awesomeness

Heart melted:

Our Precious Little One

We had no way of knowing
Just what a joy you would be
Until you made your entrance 
Into our family. 
God has blessed you with parents, 
Grandparents, uncles and aunts. 
We all fell in love with you
At our very first glance. 
One look into your precious 
Little face and we knew, 
That God took a little more time
When HE created you. 
We cannot express our happiness 
Your daddy and I. 
The love inside our family grows. 
And sweetheart, you are the reason why.

En.Hubby always said by nowadays..."look at her macam tengok diri sendiri". Well B, it's from your genetic kan ;)

And today, officially manusia kecil ni age 7 months dengan jayanya. Alhamdullillah. Seeing her grow up strongly terasa besarnya nikmat yang Allah berikan untuk kami sekeluarga. Adanya dia, tak pernah lekang dari senyuman bila perhatikan gelagatnya. Lagi2 when the Ayah lovesss to mock up the daughter. Haiya...sama je la both of you ni.

Keep growing up healthy k sayang.;) Ibu love you to the moon and to the entire galaxy.


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