Friday, January 29, 2016

Audrey Swim Like A Champ

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Bonding time with little one. Hari-hari pun bonding, but then this day special sikit as she gonna turn 7th month the next day of this session. Yes! We did bring her for a baby spa treatment untuk Cik Audrey. Time for her to be in the water, real water (even so she used to it for 9 months dalam perut ;P) Here we come salah, Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness.

You might be wonder, baby also have their own spa? Yeah, ingat adults je ke nak pamper yourself? Babies also have their privileges on this nowadays okeh. Don't play-play. This what we called 'urban baby'. hihi~

Thank God Audrey was in a good mood for the day. Well, sejak bila pulak dia tak good mood bila dapat jalan-jalan kan. Like mother like daughter! ;P Then the Ayah will pening. Hahaha~

As you can see in the pictures, the baby need to be warm up first before they can start to be in the pool > change to swimming diaper (provided) > and splash! into the dedicated pool. After half and hour, massage session will be on. Sounds so rejuvenating kan.. All this been done a certified therapist for the baby. Memang dedicated one therapist - one baby. So parents tak perlu risau about the baby safety. Even they have a private room upon request if the baby agak takut orang. Sangat convenient kan. ;)

Tiba-tiba terfikir..when is Ibu last time pampering self in a spa?? Okey macam ages je...hahaha~

Owh lupa, to join the session you need to pre-book the slot before hand. Just call any branch you like and buat je appointment for you babies. For more details, you may proceed to their official website as they have few branches scattered around Malaysia.

And here are some benefits for the baby doing this kind of treatment. See? Bukan saja-saja datang tau.

Just a lucky day, before we end the session...we were eligible to pick one of the angpow in the bowl. We got another voucher for another session for FREE. Yipee~ So Audrey, next month kita pegi lagi. Ibu can use the budget untuk cari baju2 awak lagi. hihihi~ ;D

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