Tuesday, January 5, 2016

IT Stays

Brain accumulating:

Welcoming a new year with a simple meet up with dearest friend, kiranya first outing la ni together2 with friends. But then kali ni special sikit as kebetulan on our random date ni, the next day was her BIRTHDAY. Plus dah promised after our last meet up masa LEAN IN 2015 somewhere in December. Hahaha~ Sounds like ages je. tak sampai sebulan pun lagi. But then ada orang tu tak sabar to have her new bag yang arrived kat I for me to deliver to her.
As for today, I heard orang tu dah pun merasmi bag baru dia. Hehehe..Kita tunggu dia share pic melaram with bag baru :P

Need to do more this kind of outing either with my friends or En. Hubby's friends. Either one will do. Marilah kita kembali kan silaturahim and create a true bonding as support group yang healthy. Believe or not 2016 surely going to be a challenging year, therefore memang sangat berkepentingan ada support group for us to stay healthy mentally and physically.

p/s: En.Hubby, jum join #klbodyrockchallenge by #teamiylia - starting of Projek Jom Kurus :P

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