Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alive & Glad


Brain + Heart said :

Ok2…so dusty this ker?tak nampak pun..;P

Heyya, its been a while i didn’t type something in here (well, sbnrya dasar kemalasan yg agak kronik) +  keep bzing myself up. Transformation in progress..;D

Guess what?I’m still alive!!!Pheww..thought is gonna be so tough but yet never have a guts to feel its gonna be so rejuvenating…yeayy..n i’m GLAD yo…

Just read this nice quote which are so true :

“ Someday we’ll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who cause us pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge. But letting things unfold in their own way and own time.

After all, what matter is not the first but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race.


October giving me such a good feels and a good start. Here are some of what I’m up to till lupa to my dearest bloggy..;P


Serenity Spa we go..heaven!! Even though it just a facial treatment (we were fashionably late…sorry ya buk..ahahah~)but it was so relaxing plus with the heavy raining outside. My dearest companion pun layan je..Sempat shops for baju kurung lagi which so fast & furious – mode sbb dah lambat masuk ofis balik..ahahah~


SDCC – Sime Darby Open House

Got to meet my En.PWC for the first time after 2 years terpisah kononnyer..huhu~ Friends since i was just PNB Trainee and he still in Auckland finishing his studies but we never failed to keep in touch. And this date he had to be my partner..;P + first time he saw me in “baju kurung”..goshh..

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Luncheon with dearest GFs celebrating another gf’s birthday + walk of fame (gara2 of one my beautiful gurl ..;P) gossiping, giggling, having so much fun that are so US..

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Chillies & Italiannies , EMPIRE GALLERY

My En.PWC’s birthday been celebrated by 3 gorgeous gurls which make him non stop saying thanks…- plan were made very2 the last minute and my gfs were the coolest people who made the day joyful and sampai sakit tulang pipi okeyh..;D

p/s to En.PWC : Hope so u tak serik joining us…ahahah~these is what the compilation of Motorians gurls  ;P


Okey, enough of Empire …sorry dear gf, seems I taken your takhta plak as ‘Miss Empire’ then our LUNCH for today was at PELITA!!!! Lepak kedai mamak pun layan jugak…;D


p/s : i think i’m gaining weight because of these EATING…as what a gf said “tolak kayu, batu & besi…all we lanyak!

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