Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Chapter


Brain & Heart said :

Pheww…at last…bersatu jua adinda2 ku…Congrats my dearest Lee & Razin! Yeah of cos I know for sure you guys are having fun now in Singapore..HONEYMOONYING!!!;p

Here some pictures of the day..credited to http://jiejahlifejourney.blogspot.com/ aka my gf for snapping these as I mmg tak berkesempatan to snap as I one of the BRIDESMAID..diulangi BRIDESMAID…huhu~

From the day before till the day itself, I was taking care of this little bride to make sure everything is perfect for her. Kesimpulannya, dapat dek majlis kat bdk2 ni…sume jd EXPRESS!!! Sian si photog mengejar2nyer..but u rocks beb..thanks aref..ahaha~

P1070484 P1070485

Bridesmaid yg setia okeh..ehehhe


P1070494 Najwa + me as the bridesmaids for the day ;P




Finally..so sweet…wifey and hubby..

P1070569 P1070570

My gf and adinda Lee

Thanks to Najwa as being a great companion, Thanks to Motorians who came to the solemnization -special thanks to this one En.Senyum for his effort( siap berbaju melayu ikut tema plus with samping and songkok)..;D Thanks to Aref the photog yg sakit otak melayan kitaorg, Thanks to Syairah yg tak psl2 jadi our ‘transporter’ bak kata Aref..u guys really made my day…

Alhamdulillah, all went smoothly in beautiful mode…yes penat but its worth it rite dear!;D

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