Thursday, October 14, 2010



Brain said :


5 wife 1 husband question will always linger around the connected neurons when we start to think.

Yes! Curiosity is killing me.

Bad Scene

Scenario 1

Why he need to do that? Showing off some personal thing, some “dirty words” in social networking?? Owh sangat the tak bijak thing to do. It showed you are so cheapskate dude. Not to judge you but that who you are. What are you trying to proof?You happy? You cool? Owh please as i know you in and out.

What you been doing just helping me by putting a big remark on my NO-NO checklist with a full tick on the check boxes. But still, I still respect you on behalf of being a homo sapiens who made me smile once upon a time.

You need to GROW UP! (as piawai SIRIM pun tak lepas ni..)


Scenario 2

Half an hour conversation, owh gosh…you spill out everything about yourself. I don’t buy any of your words babes as I’m NOT interested at all but yet I’m a good listener am I..

Do you need to tell me that and why you are telling me all those craps? I can be a good advisor but then you never know me at the first place. If given a day for you… i can be 100%ly sure i will know even your salah silah keluarga kot..from A-Z without an empty space to fill up.


Scenario 3

I hate pretender as I don’t pretend anymore. If I like it, you will see it. If I don’t like it, you will feel it.

Why you need to be such a hypocrite as I don’t even care what you want to do in your life. You are trapping yourself in your own darkness. Once you feel you tangled up in your own ropes, you tried to blame me as I’m the biggest enemies. What? Because all your secrets in my pocket? And whose fault is that?

I guess the name of Labu Labi and the ‘babuns’ are so you…You failed to be a good judges yet you hurting so much people. End up you feel isolated..don’t have to pin point at other people as it all comes from you, yourself.

You said we have no string attached but everyone can smell something fishy with your act and you know what? it make you looks so lame. Once you did that, I can make a total cut off, you are now INVISIBLE to me.

Please live your life with sincerity and loyalty not because you have a ‘contract’ on it!


Good Scene

Scenario 4

What do I feel right now? Why I feel at ease, relieved instead of feeling sad?

Owh dearest, GOD turunkan kasih sayangnyer to me by sending you..This is where the starting point i got to know my real FRIENDS. There we go with my Bidadari and Bidadara who are really precious to me.They helped untangle me from unseen ropes which make me almost drown to the deeper darkness.

Smsing like no others, gossiping, chitchatting, giggling that are my girls..Seeing my En.Senyum + En.Comel ..wah heaven for just seeing them smile without failed when they look at me. En.Pilot updating himself make me comfy and secured to have a friend like him(even I never meet him yet..).I’m giggling by myself when meeting and texting my En.PWC + peluang to my girls to ‘cuci mata’ also..eheh~ ;P And my. En.Matahari who always there for me even sometimes I hate him so much but he the one who love me the most!

I’m elated to have these people in my heart..^_^

Actually, all these big Q just came out ot of curiosity. But then I did found the answer for those questions. As what Abang Ijad always said to me…only me can fill in the blanks with the correct answers..Pheww…there you go…kalah jawab soklan SPM nih..ngee~


“You make me smile, You make me feel worthwhile,

You calm me down, You erase my frown..

Yes’s you!”

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