Monday, March 28, 2011

Awesome!!Grand Launch Porsche Centre Bukit Bintang

Brain and heart want to spell it out :

What a BLAST!! AWESOME! Heheh~
Sorry dearest readers, it’s been jumping2 update for this month…I was being super duper BZBEE!! (kisahnyer bz helping out my dearest GF and lil sis with their event)
Pheww, finally the ‘thing’ ended yesterday…now left only a week for Miss April to come…how fast time fly2 away… - and also the last week for my another ‘A’ to go back far2 away land Colombia to be…down!;(
Nvm he will come back again kan awak! ;))

Grand Launch of Porsche Bukit Bintang

Picture from SDAP

Event that made most of us EXHAUSTED mentally and physically…but it worth it, right girls….;D
on 26th  March 2011 at 5.30 pm
at the Grand Opening of the New Porsche Centre Bukit Bintang

Dress in Smart Casual (black & white) with complimentary all-day parking at the Pavilion KL

Since Friday we already be at the place setting up all the things…memang agak bertapa sampai kul 11pm jugak la kan for that night sebab nk siapkan goodie bags…
On Saturday itself, all of us already there since 11am just to make sure everything were fine… Ate our lunch treated by Kak Ernie @Madam Kwan and off we goes to Bobbi Brown for our makeover for the day! Plus extra eye-lashes okey(gara2 our lil sis la ni)..Yeayy….;) Of course we need to put some efforts to make ourselves presentable for the big event..;D  and the commentos….bleh buat hati bunga2 gak la kan..
Me with the org kuat a.k.a ,y dearest GF who worked this things out

Julius (Marketing Manager) – “u look nice on that shirts.It’s really good” –even time tuh masih selekeh sbb nk kena wat keje dulu..heee
Datuk Aishah (Director MHO)–“ You look good today” – itu hari2 pun Datuk commented.ahahahah~
Madam Chow Mei Mei (our former CFO) – “ You look very nice today” –siap hugs2 lagi…;P
Simon Rock (MD M’sia/Spore Opr) – “You here! Everything you can do ha..Great!” – yeah knowing me as IT girl but also got attached with such events .;P
Arnt Bayer (CEO Porsche) – “Your shoes..very fashionable..I like it” – ahahah~ ok yang ni mmg nk gelak when he adored my boots..;D ‘
Thank you bosses for your compliments. It really made my day.Cool!!

Well, overall it was really fun and super tiring. But meeting up with Malaysian people who so kaya raya yang beli kereta mcm beli sayur made me smile by myself…all sorts of characters and peel yang kelakar eventhough some of it kinda annoying..Just a human nature right..And the guests turn out to be out of expectation till we out of our goodies bags…macam jualan lelong dah..ahahah~The place totally turn up from showroom to a CLUB! Yet it is located in the Golden Triangle..who doesn’t want to come right? ;P and of course with some hunk guys around  ..;P nama kau John la sgt…taknk courier ur goodies to your house baru tau..ahahah~
We were partying till late..ok specific till around 12pm…then off we go to check in our room in Prince KL Hotel and Residence (x larat okey nk balik).
Huuu heaven….!heheh~

Our room for the night..heaven ok! ;P
see?our hotel just right infront of Pavillion!;D
 Some of the pictures I’ll update later as still waiting from abang photog yg sgt cool melayan peel saya dr last event lagi. Hikhik~

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