Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lat Kampung Boy The Musical

Brain reviewing on this :

Another theater for me for the year in 2 months time..Wuhuu.. ;P

I present to you Lat Kampung Boy The Musical………only one word to describe it…AWESOME!!!

It was the ultimatum piece of Dato' Lat, 'Kampung Boy' that had been adapted from a comic to on stage for the first time in Istana Budaya. Harith Iskander and Hans Isaac had done a fantastic job writing and directing LAT the Musical, not to mention great work to all the crews and casts such as Awie, Atilia, Douglas Lim, Omar Bin Haji Abdullah, Jalil Hamid and Sandra Sodhy.
Lat Kampung Boy The Musical are produced by Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia, Tall Order Productions Sdn Bhd dan Istana Budaya and what I'd been heard in the news yesterday..the cost of this production was RM 3Million..Phewwww..what a cost! ;)) but I guess it is really worthy for the outcome. Kuddos!!!
The songs, props, the Perak ‘ians dialect brought us back to the kampung’s feels..How adorable is that..;) and funny though. If you ask me will I watch it again?? With the proud feels..I will say YES!!!( Ok, the pricey of the tickets are quite a cost but for what that you want to berkira sgt if you want to see something good right?) In my scent, this production can go internationally as the comics of Dato’ Lat goes….
More pictures from the show you can click on this link as this guy had the chance to attend the preview night and had the privileges to snap pic...Jealous!!  http://bryanlyt.com/2011/03/lat-kampung-boy-the-musical/
And you know what? One of my friends also was one of the cast in the theatre…DHARMA…what a small world!ahahah~ I met him once during my PNB time but knowing me I am good in recognizing people face…I was like is that HIM? He is in FB friend list and he confirmed it..Yeay….This is the guy…;P
pinjam sat!heheh~

It was my loveliest Sunday...had a great day with my dear GF ...from having our lunch at Full House KL to theatering at Istana Budaya for Lat Kampung Boy The Musical  to Pavillion with some 'evil sanity' motive...;P...and last but not least headed back to home sweet home! Owh lupa, I almost met one of my gojes ‘bitch’ a.k.a also so called as my adik.. Adi!!! Which the stories of our friendship started with Myspace and we only gonna meet up like 5 years once! Senator2 mcm kami ni mmg bz skit…ahahah~ ;P
Atilia...who is smaller than me..heheh~
Us in front one of the props
 Right enough of mumbling….nothing else matter when my day spiced up more by my  2 ‘A’s yang gila merepek memenuhkan inbox my BB…;D

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