Friday, March 11, 2011

E-Filing? TTMS?

Brain force my lil fingers to finish this :

Dang! Out of no where my dearest Boss just showed up at my place to give my EA Form. What EA?Ha actually it for our TAX...down!! Every single year I need to this...owh for God sake...sungguh kemalasan..Hey it's not only me need to do this but you also okey ( not applied to kanak2 yang masih tidak bekerja ye..)

I so don't like to do this ..;P
Done! Yeay this year tak payah bayar tax..;P Sungguh dedikasi beta melaksanakan tugasan ..Wink2...Owh it so much better do it now than later sbb PASTI akan LUPA!ahahah~

Yet there is another one to be done A.S.A.P.

Our people??
Owh no! TTMS...@ our KPI system...memang tak suka buat benda ni tapi have to do it yaww (pinjam ayat Akif)...A MUST!!nanti tak dapat Bonus...ahahaha~okey2..I settle in by tonite!

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