Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anugerah Terindah - Aril

Heart delighted to hear this :

Aril..  Herm familiar with the name? Of cos you are if you are really concern on local scene. My dear good friends, now an artist!! Yes, I did only see AF(Akademi Fantasia) just because of him...supporting a friend of course ;P. Knowing this guy since MySpace ages ago and we became a real friend because of something (Opss..citer tu perlu sebalik tabir..;P)... Funny guy plus gila2...Penat ok nak melayan....;P But well at the same time he is sooo 'manja' guy.. tapi kalau marah 'Nauzubillah' tercemar ym ku...ahaha~
Instead of singing, he can shuffle too..ermm did won The International Dancing Competition right @ Time Square..seeing him performing live show @ Planet Hollywood...those were memories zaman berzaman..hehe~
Even now, he is still a good friend of mine even he are super bz with his stuff right now (nama pun artist..what do you expect!) hehehe~ Lupa Enny mmg nk kena sekeh free je! Owh and we did shared the same month of birthday...Bila eh...carik sendiri..;P

I also donno why I had this pic of u..hermm...Its like forever in my old hardisk..;P

 Tweet2 all the time about his new song, ANUGERAH TERINDAH...ahahah~ ok2 I'll listen to it..

 Nice! Enjoy it guys...;D

p/s : Of course I miss this 'gila' guy that much! ;D

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