Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love, Sacrifice & Loyalty (Nur Kasih)

Heart feel so emo :

‘Ya Allah, aku sanggup berkorban apa saja tapi bukan dia…’

Ada ke org kat luar sini still sanggup berkorban apa saja spt Adam? Masih ada kah org akan mencintai seseorg seperti Adam? Atau sesetia Aidil? Asking all this somehow we also don’t have the answer..seolah2 ia hanya dlm mimpi atau sekadar adaptasi novel yg segalanya sempurna… In real life I have doubt on it…but maybe there is still someone like that out there for the lucky person. ;) Who knows?

For sure by saying all this, you can guess what I’d been need to guess pun kan!
The names, the scene came from “Nur Kasih” for watching Malay movie?? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against it..really..just typical Malaysian..this kind of Malay movie akan kluar jugak kat Astro. Hee.. but I have no Astro anymore…I’m a UNIFIan ada Hypp TV kena la jugak tgk kat panggung..( bunyi cam alasan…;P)

By first 5 minutes, I’ve already started to cry..Ya Allah citer apa ni? But it does worth to see. The cinematography was so beautiful. Jordan is undeniable country that has lots of beautiful places. It just mesmerizing to see all that places in Malaysian movie. Kudos I can give to the movie, the plot, the emotions, the actor and actress even the soundtracks all along…Its totally heavy with moral values  that we can adapt in our life. Especially, how we face with a LOST of someone that we really love…Kuncinya = REDHA..
(I did feel this once..memang rasa nk give up, sangat marah, penat and keep asking WHY..hati terasa terkunci selama2nya…but there always way to move on..dekatkan diri dengan DIA…-enny, stop crying!)

Qada dan qadar di tgn Tuhan kan, we never know apa ketentuannnya..dari-NYA kita dtg, kepada-Nya kita kembali..

With selingan a hinch of humor by the most comelness Mia..’sayang sikit ke syg byk?’ In another scene ‘paksu sakit sikit ke sakit byk?’ All the sikit and banyak..even sounded like soalan does give a really hard feeling to answer that…Have to admit , yes I cried watching this…it just an additional potion why I wanna cry at the first place (about that I’ll just remain silent for now k..but I’m ok)

I want to say something..but.......................................................................T_T

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