Sunday, May 15, 2011

Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger ? ^_*

Brain stimulating this :

Hey peeps! Just blog walking through my dearest followers and I found this!! (SANDRA AZWAN as one of my followers? Cool..~)

Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger 2011 by Sandra Azwan

Ermm let me think for few second..Ok done! There you go with my weekend’s heaven. No harm of joining it right. Hehehe~

Here are the Q & A session for this contest by him.

   1) Tell us about your blog in 70 words or less.
Born exactly on my dearest ‘Queen’ (my mum)’s birthday last year as I finally started this bloggy  and thanks to my dear GF who supporting me to do this. I reserved too much and this will be the perfect medium to as what my tagline are ‘Hard to shout, falls on finger tips’. It’s explained enough right. ;) Most of my viewers are my close friends (they are the best silent readers ever) all around the world and I frequently updating things by quotes or pictures that means thousand of words based on my day goes..Simplified! ;)

2) What is your personal style?
Simple, neat, comfortable and some splash of colors. If you can afford of branded brands it’s a bonus to me as the quality come with price. Sometimes ‘Less is more ‘..That’s what I believe and made me who I am today.
A quote that I really like and adore:

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” –Coco Chanel

3) A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits:

4) Are you the next Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?
Dreaming can be so inspiring and why not if I’m become one. Without dreaming and efforts, words t will never drive us to what we want to achieve… and no harms of trying coz it just another phase of life we are learning all the way..Chill! ;)

5) I love to read ‘Life with Sandra…..’ because?
It is cute. Typical answer hah.. ;P The real things is after read all the entries, somehow this bloggy draw a SMILE on me and the illustrations reflects the “Pelangi”. Thanks dear! Hugs for you. ;) 

p/s: for my gurly readers go ahead if you wanna join to let you brains to stimulate the answer not by books but by just writing it from your heart. ;))



Hello Enny! Thank you for joining....good luck!;-)

Enny said...

No worries dear. just trying my luck! Who knows rite ..;)) Cheer!