Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mine 011111...^_*

Heart elated :

Its a blessed i'm been surrounding by such angels..

011111 was beautiful date ha? Thanks to u guys,loveliess for making my day…All your warmth wishes…doa’, advices, beautiful quotes, great songs, sweet efforts… terharu ni…sobs..sobs.. Thousands of thanks to “MukaBuku”…if it is not because of YOU..I will not receiving this tons of sweetest wishes ..

To my dearest group of PELANGI’S, schoolmates(MGSKL), highschoolmates (VI), collegemates (UWN), officemates ( para GSC & MOTORS SIME) and my soulmates (who completing the day!)…oppss…;P thank you so much for all the thoughts… May Allah make our November as beautiful as this date. Hugsss~

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