Monday, November 28, 2011

Porsche's Family Day

Brain say update it:

Updating pix first k...details cam mls nk tulis rite now..huhu... Ok2 here the details...baru ada mood nk tulis bebetul..but as usual lets the pictures do the talk okeh babeh..

Date : 27 28 November 2011
Location : Avillion Resort, Port Dickson ( please don't get confuse, there are another Avillion Cove, PD )
Event : Porsche's Family Day
Photographed by : Me ( Nikon V1 - ok malas nk bwk DSLR ..huhu)

from up..laut sedang surut

Me with GG...;)

The girls...

Our rooms! Heaven..

Owh si comel Ika with the mum yg sgt rawks!

Porscheians yg ligat!

View from one of the lookup point

The superb water spa

Before kepulangan back to KL...xnk balik bole? ;P

Hehe~ Ada some events pix tak disnap sbb camera tggl dlm bilik je..Apakah nk terjun laut bwk camera kan..bukan kalis air ooo...Plus asik main hujan je ni...Confirm balik KL burned and demam. Owh tuh standard!..;P

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