Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Job - KAFA Integrasi Al-Insan

Brain brained this :

After for quite some times I haven’t snap photos for official event…here I am again. Bertugas as co-official photog helping Abah for today. Ok fine, not only the photog but also became videocam girl… wee~

Event : Majlis Khatam Al-Quran & Graduasi KAFA Intergrasi Al-Insan, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam
Date : 19 November 2011
Time : 9.00 am – 12.00 am
Location : Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Alam ( Masjid Negeri)
Gadget : Nikon D3S + SB900, Nikon D300 + SB800 and Nikon V1
Photographer : Abah and Me ;))

Actually, kami mmg dah start with the photoshoot dari hari Khamis lagi at the school itself. The kids were really helpful….rajin ke sbb kena suruh ngn Ustaz?Hehehe..
Get to know on the same exact day also the UPSR results for them and guess what most of the class itself obtained straight A’s…either its UPSR or UPSA…cool kiddos with brains…;D.. Easy to work with..Plus with the Ustaz yang agak sedikit kanak2 gayanye..age 23 not yet graduate from UKM (still study lagi)..Ha mmg ptt pun peel camtu….;P

Actual day..

Menjadi satu issue gak menjadi gadis photog ni…nak gi masjid nak pakai baju apa ni? ;P Ok tuh iklan je…back to the real story…ngee..
The event started on time.. The kids were close to me as we met before right…Asal I start to snap…budak2 ni akan posing baik punye…Adui…habes ‘candid syndrome’ ku…ahaha~ Ok lets the pic fill the entry…huhu~ 

The event went smoothly.. not to exaggerated but this are better than expected. It did become a very touch event to see these kids crying…ok I just can’t hold the tears up… Fine, thanks to the Ustaz Rozaini yg agak masuk air tu…even mulut bising2 aww…but his works perfectly done. All the slots, showcase, songs even the slideshows of the memory lane… owh my…memang sebak tetiba to see the happy2 boys and girls, when they hugging each other were crying hardly during the “Perpisahan” slot with the music arrangement yg menusuk hati…;’(…. Yeah sape xsedih kan..after 6 years studying, playing together and now it’s time to go. Hard to believe how fast time flies. Hey dear, this is not the end of the journey but just another starting point… ;)

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