Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Heart feel blessed :

Seems someone knows, someone saw that I have tons of things in my head. Even I'm smiling happy2, giggling all around yet am I hiding something?
Yes to much things to hide. Secrets!! Dreams!! Commitments!! Love??
Hey I'm cool not cold. ( Sebenarnya rs seram sejuk jugak ni, my shoulder start to be in massive pain. Owh my petanda for me to fall sick is coming. No-no...can't afford to have it now -thousands things to do)

SubhanaAllah, Allah tu memang Maha Kaya. One simple question from a sister made me sit down at her and spill out the beans what things had been cracking my head ever since. It's been a while, I didn't share anything with people. Yes I do tell something but generally because I just don't want people to get the wrong idea. Yet today, I just let it go to her. Nasib tak bercucuran air mata je..huu Enny kuat!

From my dearly sister, Kak Tek..a Kelantanese yang sangat fun to have a talk with, xreti slang tu pun lama2 bole faham even I will be laughing sbb blur what certain words suppose to mean. She hold me, her words comforting me, her advices meresap dalam seluruh I can see it just too much of me sacrificing for people without looking at myself.

Kak Tek pesan : amik la pengajaran dari semua kisah kawan2 Enny tu, fikirkan diri Enny mulai sekarang, baiknya biar berpada2...kita susah xkan ada siapa yang tolong melainkan diri sendiri (ALLAH tu pasti!) ...and mari kita bersaving...haha~ sempat lagi kakak aku ni. (cara2nya takpe la nanti once kami dah buat, I explain okey ^ ^)

Thank you so much kak. It just so much comforting to hear all that from you. InsyaAllah, akan diperjuangkan..;P

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