Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mungkin Ada Salah?

Heart sulking :

Mood okey je hari ni as I stated in BBM status 'kalau nampak saya senyum sorang2, abaikan je ;P'...well adalah tu kan. Hee~

But, kenapa I still rasa something missing ? Pernah x you guys rasa macam korang ada buat salah dengan seseorang tapi seriously taktau apa dia.
Now I am feeling this. Terbiasa by talking every single day, every single hour but out of nowhere all of that gone case. You know I'm comfortable with you when: I'm weird with you, I sing what ever song comes into my mind, I say what's on my mind, I talk nonsense. Yet, silence from you its much awkward. My partner in crime is MIA. Sad though.

If really I ada buat salah, I am so so sorry from bottom of my heart. Sincere said it does hurts but if you said everything its okey. Then its fine with me. Seriously I have no idea what is this all about ..Ahh, Cik Enny, if orang tu xnak cakap pape, just shushh yourself away. Hermmp...Nevermind then.
If you don't love, why heartache? If you don't care, why headache?

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