Monday, March 4, 2013

Love of March -Food!!;P

Brain is sleep derived :

Where is 1st, 2nd, 3rd March entry dear missy?..
Huu malas plus bzbee. Bz makan! ahahaha~ Yes, my days packed with 'makans' event. From eating times in the office, to Sham's wedding (my so called twin in the office) in Selayang Utama and close family gathering @ Setia City Mall. Rasa dah membuncit perut ni. Hee~
Work out, work out! 

But where is the food pictures? -_- Tak dan dah selamat masuk perut. ;P
But then got something special from Cinta. He said he bought it masa I moody last week. Huuu, moody hari2 la, so you gonna buy me all those 'practical things' sebagai ganti for you to be around me. Hik2..Nah just kidding! Hari2 moody, penat kot. Life is too short to stuck with sadness, yet we have to fulfill it with happiness. ;)
Lagipun how that I can afford to be moody all day long if there is someone who really persistent, perseverance to hold my heart up? Thanks my dear sebab sungguh bertenang. I know when you said ...
"You'll never know my kesabaran, you'll never see my kemarahan"...that was not simply words but it does came with some meanings link to my own definition. Imprinted! ^ ^

Huu, what was that? That!! Most sinful Chocolate Rocky Road cake for the last night. Nyumm2. I'm not such a cake eater but to some really good cakes, I'll eat like nobody business. But if comparing to another cake that I have taste, Trianon still the best chocolate cake I ever tasted. Pic?? Seems like I have to go to Citta Mall to buy you that ;)

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nisa ~ shasha said...

trianon tu kek apa babe?