Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sombong?.. Taklah!

Brain adjusting:

First impression doesn't mean it will be the true impression.
Judging people tu memang fun! But hati2 it either you see what you want to see or you see between the judgement.
Make it simple, it is normal for you to judge but reserve it first. Janganlah jadi sangat shared with people, pung pang tambah garam gula exaggerated your assumption. Dah rasa ajinomoto ok which kalau makan byk sgt sakit kepala dibuatnya. UNTIL you know that person personally. Ha this one of course you need guts to do it. You tak kenal, you judge, it's not fair. Everyone have their own story. Kenal, analyzing it and rasa not appropriate to be with, ditch it. Don't associate with such people. It all about your own choice.

Well then, there goes my impression to one of my dear friend. Been knowing dia ni ages ago, masa dia jadi MT yang buat rotation kat sini but then few days tengok dia.." muka sombong gila". So makanya buat taktau je la. But happened to be, we met up again at mr.tweet2...haha~ gara2 we have a mutual friend yang sama! Owh my, you kenal plk si Auditor ni. Sekadar tweet, memang tak pernah terfikir to ask the phone number or something. Cam tak perlu je!. Yet from the tweets, I get to know him personally. Totally not like my own first impression last 2 years. Alasannya : SEGAN! yeah we are consider seniors at that time. (Macam zaman sekolah la plak..issue seniority -_- ). Tup, now dia terjah dah kat im office, much more easier as we are using the same Sametime Contacts yang sama.
So nowadays, hari2 kena dengar dia membebel stress. I'm in Motors, dia kat Plantation. We are totally speaks with diff language. So end up we just merepeks all the way in a fun way! Hahah~ This is how KKM girls and boys hilangkan tension or LLB in front of our PC. Hehehe~ Ooppss.

Kisahnya sama la jugak how I met Cinta previously. Huu a photographer, ok fine. Tengok kisah2 hindustan dia in my timeline yang tak pernah berhenti.;P
But who knows, I get to know him personally dengan cara yang sangat kelakar. Gaya cam nak bergaduh je. Kerek amat. Ahahah~ But then hati tisu masing2, Tuhan je yang tau. And out of nowhere we hooked up to each other with really deep understanding. Love you sayang! Hee~

So issue 'sombong'...sebenarnya takde pun, if you really keen to get to know that particular person. Be more curious instead believing your 1st impression.

Cheers!! ^ ^

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