Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Yang Pack?

Brain manipulating :

Whilst starting my day, updating all the cases, looking at my calendar..
Pack with VC session with diff countries,
with weddings,
with some events to go,
hermm..seems my weekend going to be so pack till the end of the month.
Ever since the first weekend, I am fully occupied till Adam gave a call last weekend "Auntie Enny bz eh?". Alamak! Sorry dear, Auntie have something to do..nanti we hang out together and spend time at our Mystery Hotel itself ok. That my promise then.

16 -17 March 
For this weekend itself, my schedule a bit jumble up with some event yang berlangsung serentak. I have two weddings to be attend and an art event. Yeah between Teluk Intan > Bangsar > Annexe Gallery, Central Market.. Let see how it takes..;D
Owh my God, suddenly Datuk asked me to go for a GLC dinner with PM this Sunday night. Corporate shirt or baju batik? Huuu Datuk, thanks but no thanks. I'm not interested in such things.

23-24 March
For another weekend, owh will be the Earth Hour 2013.
Ok, camne leh lupa ada Gunung Nuang expedition ni?? Owh my, Enny, Enny! -_-..yes lah apa pun xprepare lagi..sekian! Nak pergi taknk pergi, nak pergi xnak pergi? Dah la with GSC Finance yang memang sangat tak dikenali.. Hermmpp...pikir2...*thinking mode!
Eh ada orang kena kursus kawen la in this weekend. ;P Have fun sayang! ;D

25 -29 March
Between the date of 25- 29th I'll be leaving for Penang. Tapi tak sure what date, ticket flight pun xbeli lagi ni. Bagus Cik Enny.;P Huuu, jangan pusing2, saya memang begini, come with plans tapi semua on the spot punya decision. Hehehe~ Tolong jangan amalkan if you guys have a weak heart -if you got what I mean :P

30 -31 March
Towards to the end of the month, will be a makan2 session ...huu STEAMBOT session. Owh that remind me to order brownies from Kak Yam and cakes from Mummy. Sekarang jugak pi habaq mai..sat gi lupa!
Owh, ha nih for girls la...taktau la if guys pun interested kan..;p. Missy Programmer and Missy Lawyer jugak I seru you guys for this....hahaha..Let's!!

Ha, the Giant Stiletto Shoes Car are sponsored by one of our entities. Wuhuu..have you ever spotted this car in KL? Xnampak rabun la tu...Miahahaha~ No offense, kidding je. Hehe~ You can see these cars again at PWTC on that particular dates okeh.

Basically that were my initial plans but surely something will slot in in the middle of these days. Our Mystery Hotel sleepover, our night go-kart circuit session lagi... See?? Busy kan? Ahahaha~ ;P

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