Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ubat Hati

Heart starving :

First nak buat shout out!!

Hahah~ positive sangat! Hope it will be. Pray hard! Even though  I do know some of us is having a hard time right now, even myself up. But then, every obstacle sure got some solutions to it right, look hard, try hard or just move on! InsyaAllah. ;D..#notetoself too.

I'm been hearing this song since morning gara2 Missy Programmy yang memujuk hati and tetiba dedicating the song playing at her wall to me. Hik2 lagu yang sangat comel. And Budi look a lil bit funny with his Akulele..;P Thank you babe!!

And yeah next week I'll be going to Penang to visit my lil bro. Am gonna start my travelogue again! ;D

Then I got the Shoes Festival!! Ngee~ Can't wait for it! (Boss siap called tanya, hey Enny you cuti time cuti sekolah ni you ada anak ke? Ada! Anak tekak! Hahahaha~ I nak pegi cari anak burung hantu ni even Qibby sebuk suh pegi Carey Island to see some owls there..hermmp! Xmo, I nak pi Penang ;P)

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