Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fix Everything I Could...

Heart says :

This start with TSUNAMI! AGAIN?? OwhMyGawsh (pinjam iklan pe nth eja camtuh..;p)          
Ok2 it just a METAFORA peeps…to describe most of the things happening around me this lately…if I can say every single things..down!No-no I can’t be..
Bombard with crazy lil things…yeah this is WORK! Menopause ke apa Boss sorg tuh? Till demam2 my dear GF and lil sis. With hectic cases need to be done..Please don’t let me missed out something…breach LSA, kena bebel lagi and get super lovely email.Huh… ada ku kisah? ;P We do works here cuma tak dikurniakan 10 otak and 10 tangan nk capai sume….Well nevermind….my patient and passion towards my works still at the tahap super saiya kuasa gaban still. So be it!
Enough of works thingy…Sampai bila pun tak habes kan.

But something really created a SMILE on me when my dearest ‘angels’ look forward to express their truly emotions to me…Even sangat EMO till fall sick…lembik penangan dek maternity sickness, or just because you are HOMESICK..drown with workloads...Yet I saw the different side of you..Cute! Plus buat I senyum sorg2 as it is kinda sweet and I would say…EMO YANG SANGAT GEDIK!  Hehe~ I would never left you alone ..Yes I’ll be you Robin, your Night Watcher..anything you want me to be….as you always being some people that precious to me….

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