Friday, April 1, 2011

Kisah Roti & Goodbye!

Heart feel so sad :

Why 1st April have to come? Urghhh..Now you gonna be far2 away again..Eeeee..TAK SUKA! How I hate to say GOODBYE! - Btw, cam tak related je entry's title with the isi perut kan..heee~

This time of your vacation, I think it was the most 'kerap' time you came to see me even efforts had you done just to meet up your dear friends. Terharu plus this going to make me miss you the most!
You gonna leave this bumi M'sia less than 24 hours..ETA 10pm...Huwaaaa....;((  sob..sob..
As yesterday someone made some sort of poem for you after he saw your car infront of the office..Senget punye Boss..this what you get when you are talking to Technical Manager...I siap printscreen for you to read sendiri..Sgt lawak!;P

Hehe ..actually the first two lines came from my quote and he continued it with the other sentences. Random gila...heheh~ Ok2 sambung sedih balik..T_T...
Sorry tak join your suprise farewell gathering but I dah made up to you yesterday kan..Hope you like it dear!

To my dearest best friend forever..Thanks sebab slalu BBM dgn saya sampai lebam..thanks sbb buat saya happy..thanks sebab datang jumpa saya..Tenkiu awak..kita dah takde janji2 plastik kan..;P but ada satu janji lagi saya belum tunaikan..MASAK tuk awak! Tak sempat......Next around kay...I practise buat "Empanadas" tuk awak..Malaysian version ;P (tak sekejam nk bagi karipap kat awak la kan...hehehe)

I know your flights gonna be more than 24 hours, you can get enough sleep after spending fulltime jadi Senator Uganda kat sini jumpa rakyat jelata..;) You are so tired but it is worth it right and you truly happy.
Just take care of yourself k.Takmo skip makan, skip solat..and if you need me, you know how to find me kan..Keep in touch dear..

Dengan ini, saya nak buat pen'declaration'an.."Kita kawan baik sampai mati k!"..Takmo ilang2 tau..I tak pakai Iphone4 nk guna Papago nk menGPRSkan you..^_^
Nah your fav song....

Till then..kita berYM nnt kay...

p/s: dah gaya cam surat lak..there we go my another 'A'..;(

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