Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toys VS Techie!

Brainy wanna share :


When Abah start to play around with the TOYS...nth pape gadget je dia beli...but when he bought it ..the lil daughter have to figure out it first! Ok FINE! Now I have to buy the wireless keyboard and the mousy... Super COOL! Magic IPad can transform to portable PC...wait for it okes...;P

Ahaha..maafkan la pic di I'm always become the 'model without gaji' when comes of experimenting....Who want this?? Yeahh..I know lots of people craving for those DSLR...ha gi menuntut with my Abah..hikhik~ ;P Owh the standing thingy is one and only in Malaysia..not yet arrive here yet in Malaysia for the rest.. How techie is my Abah kan...( I sendiri pun taktau some more want to claim diri sendiri IT girl kan...ahahahah~)

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