Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tears Dropping Without Hesitation......

Heart aching of the memories:

It is a routine I guess; I will just slight seeing my newsfeed in my FB what is happening surrounding people in my friendlist. And I read this from Rina Salleh mentioning of someone that I think most of Muslim fashionista outside there knew this girl..Ami.. I’ll shared you the link what it’s all about..
Click here dear for more…'Relapsed'

To be honest, I never adore her or knowing her personally but by her story I know she is a fighter. Fighting for a life…”soal hidup & mati”. Acute Myeloid Leukemia words as in her dictionary of life right now. Sad story indeed and bring me back down to memory lane that is so hurtful…
After a while I’ve forgetting this….now it’s like a cassette been rewinded. I can understand what this girl is going through as I been with someone whom like her until his last breath…T_T  OMG..Now I  really miss him. I lost him out of my own stupidity by holding my heart back even yet he loving me to death. I lost my own soulmate…right  infront of my eyes. How I can afford to hold this? Please wipe away my tears….

There was a story behind this that I’ll just keep to myself. He is my strength, my magical touch, my passion, my truly friend who never afraid to voice up what he want and he is my lil heart. Without him I’m just nothing one… When I’m so down, memories of him comfort me in his own way, How I keep on missing him and it is killing me.. How I wish I can just throw all this memories..Now my nose is bleeding…damn it! Pleasssssseeeeee… I beg you…. But….

I can’t erase you cause it’s in pen

Awak, you never know what I’ve been through all this time. You just see me as what you see and what you believe. But do ever care to know me the other side? Sekarang saya rasa nk nages all my heart out but I can’t tell you anything. My tears right now would not stop. It is rain in my heart as it is raining heavily outside there while I’m writing this.

Satu persatu telah kuhapus
Cerita lalu di antara engkau dan aku
Dua hati ini pernah percaya
Seribu mimpi tanpa ragu tanpa curiga

Ku tak ingin lagi
Menunggu, menanti
Harapan tuk hidupkan cinta yang telah mati
Ku tak ingin cuba
Hanya tuk kecewa (Ku telah kecewa)
Lelah ku bersenyum lelah ku bersandiwara
Aku ingin pergi
Dan berganti hati
Satu persatu telah kuhapus
Nada dan lagu yang dulu kucipta untukmu
Rasa yang dulu pernah ada
Kini berdebu terbelenggu dusta dan noda

Kini ku sedari diri ini
Ingin berganti hati
Cinta yang tlah pergi
Harus berganti hati
Harus ku ganti hatiku kini
Ini harus ku ganti
Tak perlu ini lagi harus berganti…

Al-Fatihah  my dearest Fareez… I wish I can forget you one day….

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