Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beautiful Things..I Almost Forgot..

Heart feels :

Superb pictureesssss!!!!! See..see....How amazing the colours and GOD's creation of this... I fall in love again!

Pictures courtesy from Tumblr

...Looking at the pictures from Tumblr triggered something in my heart. How I miss my passion towards photography. I realized it's been a while I didn't hold my dear 'sygness'. (But still playing with my Fuji Instax Polaroid - syg, where is my new inserts? dah ckp dah susah nk cari ... but berlagak nk cari gak..huhu). Terasa terharu jugak when he ACTUALLY looking for that at every single camerashop..ngeee~ Jasa mu dikenang! (even still x jumpa lagi kan..;P)

Syg, ready your gear up...we gonna hunt this kinda pictures again.....

p/s: sape la yg jd my 'syg' tu kan? ;P tadaaa..ngeeee

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