Monday, June 27, 2011

I Wish I Can Help...

Brain can't stop analyzing :

I know it’s been a few days I didn’t post anything.. It just has no feel to start typing these things. So many things, so many issues, so many drama…beside I do feel happy, mix feelings been there too..haih… ( enny stop whining..urghhh!!)

Nak di cerita satu-satu pun taktau nk crita mcm mana and mana satu?..but thanks my dear Jijot as being there always for me even you stuck with ur works and ur decisions..but you know kan I’m always here for you toooooo…. Nages sama2 tuh standard ..;P

1st time bertapa dlm Mahkahmah Tinggi, surrounded by negative vibes gave me goose seeing a ‘damn good’ lawyer yg x abes2 dgn BON dia instead of seeking  justice for the guy and the hakim yg gila kekwat. Gosh! People when have the power this is the way they acted but remember YOU ARE NOT GOD…for God sake… Seeing someone that I love and care been treated like this, I felt like it is true there are no justice in life…but it’s up to the human nature itself to make it right. I can’t help but I’m grateful enough knowing that my dear lawyers’ friends willing to help him out. Out of nowhere they really concerned about this (yang pastinye mereka2 ni mmg bole pakai la kan..not like those 3 lousy lawyers before..urghh ingt balik mmg tekanan!). But I can’t layan perasan sgt as I need to be strong am I.
Now I really hope so this case can be settle soonest as we can as it starting to jeopardize a lot of things especially for him. Kesian ok… 

Knowing him such a happy go lucky guy, hardly to get mad..on sudden death he kept himself silent till I know exactly the true story…there we go…he appeared again just for finding a friend with no other intentation. Without saying I know he is asking for help… Seeing him crying by of all helpless and hopeless he could I never be bother to feel for him?  I am seeing another part of himself that I never see before…lost words. But I’m impressed..he is a survivor I can called it to serabut he was… he try his best just to make me smile with singing, dancing mode and the ‘badut’ part. So far he never failed to make me happy and its kinda obvious infront of my girls…heee~

Well how complicated life can be huh? ^_^…keep smiling Enny know you have to more open to this and getting stronger by each day to make things fall to the place again…

Help me will you?

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