Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Stop Centre Am I?

 Brain defragmented :

Well, I have nothing against this..I really am. Maybe it just me..Throw me with anything everything..I swallow it like nobody business. My ears to listen, my eyes to see, my shoulder for you to lean on, my heart to tender you..
How I know hard life can be. People just need to share and people to listen, that will good enough for the time being as the resolution have to come within the person itself right.
Lately, I’d been thrown with so many things..non related to me so much..but some of rather it still playing in my mind and keep on stimulating to patch all the stories. I bole bukak my own counselor firm after this..ahahah~ ;P

Clone & Fake GF

Issue ni macam kelakar skit sebab it related to dear friends and it’s a girl things. Nevermind..Don’t even bother pun at the 1st place but lama2 it become kinda of annoying sampai tahap max. If boleh avoid mmg akan avoid than the girl seeing how hatred we are on such things. Tak larat nk berlakon byk sgt ..jd cam satu keje plk kan..;P Come towards from head to toe, you tried to copy cat the whole things. When you with us you acted that you are so cool, you pretend that you not interested. Yet to find in another day you are into the same things, make us wanna laugh our heart out. Please la..we don’t mind but don’t fake yourself too much. Put aside your arrogant attitude which make people gonna use that on you. I know you can be good and really good in your works but you sucks in your social life babe.. Holding yourself up of being your ownself are just too obvious. When orang ckp right ifnfront of the face, you cried but you never learn..lagi kekwat ada.What’s wrong with you? Jangan sampai those para gadis say it out to you again…no one can help you..owh yeah ignorance are not helping k.

Self centered issue

Hermmm…for this issue I can’t disclose as much as that my promise to my dear someone that I really care. I know you getting sick about the same things all over repeating most of time. Harapan menggunung but keep on dimusnahkan atas dasar sbb yg agak nth pape..How selfcentered she can be. But dear, remains strong. Do what you have to do first k..what need to be done have to be done. Prioritize things. I wanna see you get healthy again. Seeing you in such depression tear my heart apart. After reading that, my heart broke but your sadness far beyond that I can imagine. Just for you to know, I am here for you k. No matter what. Don’t hide yourself, cari I please. 

A friend but is it really a friend?

We’ve been thru this LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP for quite sometimes. Since both of us still studying and I just started working. Let me count..owh almost 4 years dah. How time flies over us. There he was accompanied me and talks about things. At one point I really hate him for his drama and kitaorg like what…ON OFF friends..kinda pelik but that we are. We live our live separately but to one circumstances we always look for each other like we always think either one of us will be there…no matter what! Heheh~ Orang bercinta pun xmcm ni… Ok itu sdkit understatement. He claimed we are ‘good friends’ but hardly for him to acknowledge me even just a friend…Sorok2  I pe kes? Kata kawan so…??? Huh sendiri did declaration as he afraid of ruining our friendship. Then if I hilang2 jgn la bising kan as I ada some other people needs me more than you need me. 

Actually there are lot more kinda of stories I’ve been named it..dah tak my GF said “take it as a gift as no one have the same ‘things’ like you”. And I terima as this is my bahagian..;))

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