Friday, June 3, 2011

Shushhhh Depression...!

Brain and heart sync :

It’s Friday!!!!Enough of these feelings…tak suka takmo taknk takleh bla….I’ll put the sign up “STOP”! I won’t bother it anymore… mana Cik Enny yang happy plus gila tu? Nyorok2 eh…

I feel good today! Nak senyum byk2…addition while sitting at the back of Starex this morning .. realized the colour of the weather..SubhanAllah! It’s so perfect.

I had a dream last night..about a wedding tapi taktau wedding sape..but I met with all the people I DON’T LIKE.. (bahaya nak say BENCI sat gi syg plak..huuu..nahe2) Weird how I just can mingle without feeling anything against them and we were GOOD.. ok what it does mean? Hermm..I guess that the beautiful things of ‘forgiveness’..;))

Had a conversation with my Abah yesterday made me relieved about some of the things that I had in my mind for quite sometimes..Terhyperactive berckp plak last nite..

·       Our lil business – DONE ( not fully launch but my dearest GF already started selling…awesome! Nanti I link up what the url address for this cutie business..sabo2..masih dlm pembikinan..)

Buat packaging mcm ni baru 3R! heheheh

·    Buy new things – DONE! (Gara2 stress..takpe janji ZANG TOI…my wedding dress pasti from HIM…oii, Miss Enny..berangan..nth nak kawen sape sebuk berangan nk wedding dress from who.. ahahah..oppss..;P)
·        Pujuk orang merajuk  - DONE
·        Explanation to my dad – DONE ( lagi kena gelak ada…ish3..;P)
·        Comel house issue –DONE ( huh byk songeng nk main claim2 ni..)
·        Rutin harian update Mr.Batman –DONE! ( Robin dia ilang sat gi mencacau cr…hik3..;P)
·        Something make me smile this morning..

Someone : Da sampai tempat keje ke?enny, lap u 
Me : Blum..still otw..ehehe
Someone : *** serius tau, lap u he2
Me : Eh..***kan xpnh jumpa enny…macam mana leh siyes? 
Someone : Enny je care ***, *** rasa , ***nk enny bg *** peluang tuk *** mengenali enny lebih dekat lagi….*** selesa dgn enny..serius ni.
Me : Pleasure to know that… -

ayat2 seterusnya …okey sbnrya terkedu…as we never meet yet..but well we never knows I said to him get to know me first then we’ll see what gonna be in the next line..and he accepted tht..:) Ok enny what have u DONE? ;P

‘Mudah untuk didekati, tapi tak semestinye mudah untuk didampingi’

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