Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 Syawal

Heart felt so blessed:

It just a start for a new month, month of victory after a fight with our lust in so many ways.
When i'm writing this, i am in a mosque near by to my house. Sayu rasa hati mndgr takbir raya mendayu2. How i miss arwah wan tht always nagging me as one of most stubborn grandchild. But i know we always love each other.

This syawal also happens to be my 2nd year i stop my heart of loving a person yg bergelar lelaki. It does hurts but i'm grateful enough i still be surrounded by my loves one..my family, my cats, my dear gfs yg jauh diperantauan, my dear bfs yg tak putus2 buat diri ini tersenyum. Mungkin betul apa kata pepatah, 'mencintai xsemestinya memiliki'....
In two weeks time, i have to determine my new phase of a relationship with someone who dear to my heart because of his sincerity but i will never give specific answer till my heart ready for the new love... Patient is a virtue rite. If itu memang jodoh kita, i will be with you in any circumstances.

To my dear Akif,
selamat bertugas di langit biru..doesn't matter where you are right now..raya tetap di hati kan... I tau u akan baca this.Pesanan pihak penaja, sila jg diri.xmo noty sgt..i report seantero dunia krg. Huhu
To my dear Akasha,
can't wait for you to coming home...bau tanah Malaysia semula..;p
To my dear Shaz,
you know by urself your sis always missing you..you kan Mr.Meow2 i...so jgn lari mana2 k..see you soon. Owh sila expertkn diri with your new toy. ;)
To my dear Ady,
i harap sgt you selamat sampai ke Perlis just to feel meaningful raya with you dad after for 4 years. Doa i sentiasa dengan you my dear..i miss the old you but i do understand what kind of mess you handling now. Harapan i agar you tabah...moga syawal ini akan bukakan hati you & murah rezekinya..

Ok peeps, takbir raya dh stop. Will be solat sunat Aidilfitri... To be continue..;)
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