Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Fight It!

Heart breathing this words :

It’s been a while I’d been separated from you…How badly I miss you but I kept holding back …just to give some space for you to breath, to look forward, to learn surfacing the darkness by your own. I’ve already given what it’s time for me to take one step behind to let you move by your own. It is hurting me seeing you being alone confront all this….but my dear …my doa’ never stop for you.. never even once. In everything I do, only you I was thinking about. 

Just keep strong, broader your mind, think of Alllah…you do have all the things to start all over again. You don’t have to this for me. Do it for yourself, for your lil kids…they need you more than anything. I tau semua impian you…I clearly remembered every single words of your dreams. …  Tuhan tak menguji sebegini keras jika dia tak sayangkan you. HE did know your strength, your capability to face this once again. ..keep sane…

U did sang this song to me on the last day we met.. I can just smile infront of you but it was rain in my heart. .. If I can write it in words what I feel….but I just can’t…

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